"Thank you for calling...  

   Help with your call is coming right up."




Statistics show that:

  • The #1 caller frustration is being put on hold.
  • Executives spend 15 minutes a day (68 hours a year) on hold.

                                                                       -- USA TODAY

  • 85% of callers put on hold keep listening to product messages.
  • Companies realize an increase in inquires about new products mentioned in on-hold messages.
  • Lan Chilie Airlines reports on-hold messages decrease hang-ups.
  • US Air said abandonment rate dropped by 94% with messages.
  • Nationwide Insurance found callers on-hold time increased from 56% to 130%
    with On-Hold  promotional messages.

                                                                      -- INBOUND/OUTBOUND

Facts to Consider:

  • Don't assume your callers are not placed on hold.
    They wait while their call is transferred... while someone is paged... while someone finishes a conversation... or information is researched.
  • The style of music used for your On-Hold programs is chosen to project your Company's image.
  • The number of annual message changes or updates you need is your choice, and is based on your type of business and number of average calls.
  • IMPORTANT:  Radio or commercial music played on your phone or in  your store is in violation of the law.  ASCAP and BMI (watchdogs for the music industry) often take businesses to court seeking restitution of music licensing fees... and win!
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