"Thank you for calling...  

Help with your call is coming right up."



On-Hold Marketing is...
  • A solution to caller frustration and hang-ups
  • A way to capture on-hold time and put it to good use.
  • Advertising at its best... reaching the ear of your customer.
  • An on-going, cost effective marketing tool.
  • A way to entertain and inform a captive audience.


  It's Simple...
  • We create a program just for you -- customized --
  • or you can choose from our "Generic Packages".
  • Your callers are happy, and you gain loyal customers.
   ...and it Works!!
  • Whenever a caller is put on hold.
  • With or without automated attendant.
  • On every phone in your system.
  • Continually, without stopping.

You don’t like to put anyone on hold for any period of time, but when you do, it makes sense to use that time to “talk” to your callers about new services… products and promotions your callers may not know you offer… directions to your business, and so on.  On-Hold programming, or marketing, produced by EZVoice Productions © is advertising at its best.  For only pennies a day, you reach the ear  of your customers… one on one.  Often suppliers help pay for our services with co-op advertising money.

First, our creative script writers will gather the necessary information from you about your business.  We email or fax to you our draft of your script for your approval and input, find out the style of music that best fits your business, and if you prefer a male or female voice… or both, then go into production.  Each program is the industry-wide average of four (4) minutes, giving repeat callers a chance to hear a different part of your on-going program.

EZVoice Productions©   offers a variety of program packages.  We tailor your programs to your business, and the number of programs per year to fit your budget.  All you need now is a digital unit that will broadcast your programs through your phone system for your customers to hear.  Our wide variety of broadcasters range from traditional cassette tape (that loads your program internally to a digital chip for endless play)... to CD and USB units... to those that we upload directly to your broadcaster from our state-of-the-art studio. 

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